* Prevents water damage to your overhangs, siding and foundation.

* Rain enters gutters; leaves & debris are carried away by the wind.

* Eliminates ice and snow build-up in your gutters.

* Compliments the curb appeal of your home.

* Ends gutter & downspout clogging.

* Ends the danger of gutter cleaning.

* Durable, .024 aluminum in 7 colors.

* Available in 12 oz. copper.

* Lifetime material warranty.

Leafproof is superior to screens, vinyl caps, and domes:

Screens clog quickly with small twigs, leaves and debris. Screens cave in from snow and ice.

Vinyl caps collapse at the bending point, opening slots and causing clogging. Squirrels and birds chew through vinyl and build nests.

Dome products are expensive to install, have large gaps where birds can enter and must be screwed into your roof. The possibility of the roof leaking is always a concern.

The most advanced gutter protection system you can have installed!